Why do uPVC windows carry such a high price?

Publicado el:2013-07-13

Why do uPVC windows carry such a high price?
  uPVC windows include the following high quality products
  • Specially designed uPVC extrusions from VEKA Germany
  • Rigid designed steel reininforcement
  • Multi-point locking system and hinges from Winkhaus Germany
  • Minimum 4 mm thick glass but recommended at 6.38 mm laminated by Smartglass SA
  • Quality handels from Hoppe Germany
Window profile extrusion process
  1. Special construction design for the multi-chamber system, gasket and reinforcement chamber ensure optimum sound insulation, heat insulation and stability. These designs are continually optimised prior to the extrusion process.
  2. Constant research and development ensure that the selected additives to the uPVC mix are precisely measured before every production run. This ensures qualities like resistance to UV radiation and high resistance to outside elements like heat, cold, dust, soot and smog.
  3. Then the extrusion process takes place.
  4. Then quality tests are run to ensure the highest quality is delivered.
The making of an uPVC window
  1. Design window with specialised software
  2. Profiles are cut to size.
  3. Drainage holes are milled.
  4. Holes for the handles are drilled.
  5. Steel reinforcement gets integrated and then fixed with screws.
  6. Profiles are welded together to ensure a complete seal.
  7. Welding corners are cleaned and smoothed out.
  8. If required, mullions are milled to size and then mounted.
  9. Rubber gaskets get inserted.
  10. Multi-point locking systems are installed. To ensure the highest standard of security and to achieve the maximum weather sealing capability, the number of locking points are based on the size of the window. The larger the window, the more locking points.
  11. Glazing beads are cut to size then used to fit the glass.
  12. Window gets tested for functionality.
  13. Final inspection and delivery.

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